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Sports Medicine and Lameness

Lameness is the most common cause of sub-optimal performance from your equine athlete.  We have a multitude of diagnostic equipment and procedures to gain an insight into problems.  Our expertise is applied to treatments that achieve results. 

Other common causes of poor performance that are commonly seen involve the respiratory, cardiovascular, neurological systems, as well as physiologic abnormalities.  We have the experience and utilities to pinpoint issues.


Surgical intervention is a serious endeavor in a horse.  Our training and experience in this service puts us above the rest.  We are committed to perfection and results.  We have access to the latest advances in technology and stay current with new techniques. 

Ask us how we have been pioneers and early adopters of various procedures.

Hospitalization and Critical Care

We provide 24/7 monitoring and treatment when necessary.  We have in-house blood analyzing equipment that allows us to tailor treatment according to current results.  Our primary goal is patient comfort and healing.